-Gastronomy Ribadeo, Lugo

Meats: Galician beef or chicken (also called capon) are some of the most used meats in the cuisine of Ribadeo. Anyway, being a coastal town, as you can imagine, the most striking are the seafood, which include turbot, hake, trout, and many more. We can not forget the delicious Galician empanada.


-Festivities Ribadeo, Lugo
The festivities are celebrated in this town in July for 6 or 7 days, this time in honor of the Virgen del Carmen. During these days, people celebrated with fervor many types of events, from concerts, performances, pilgrimages, culinary events and more. So, if you are Ribadeo not to be missed.

If you come to this town of Lugo, called Ribadeo, you will be in a unique place in the world as it is in a privileged place where the sea makes union with the mountain, so that their environment and natural areas are paradise for many senses.

-Tourism Ribadeo, Lugo
The lighthouse, which is located in Isla Pancha, the magnificent marina or as natural coastline are some of the attractive tourist prints, marine type, which gives you the Galician village. Of course, those who also seek more places to see, besides the sea, will find the following: Capela da Atalaia, which is surely the building and oldest monument in the town; striking convent of Santa Clara, which has a fifteenth century church, but later improved and expanded in the eighteenth century; Shrine of Virtues, which is the fourteenth century; Torre dos Morenos, who is from the early twentieth century. What will you like them all to you?

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