The district of Chana in Granada

It is a district famous for its excellent tapas bars and beer and red wine. Likewise being a village for lunch in the company of family or friends why has thousands of places to get food.
I stayed in a hotel in Granada with very extraordinary service, has excellent food and great atmosphere. The hotel is called Nest Style Granada is in the center, on the street where restaurants abound elegance and comfort at all times. The bedrooms have spectacular designs on the walls and is very modern.

Landmarks of Chana

  • Go to the tapas bars to take red wine and beer
  • Go to the Arenal bar where tapas are excellent among the most important are meat sauce, salad, coleslaw, skewer is great company to go with your family.
  • The bar The Madness of King is one of the most popular and is a spot you shouldn’t miss.
  • A bar with history is the Café Bar La Chana so many years there about 50, is the oldest and is economical, sold breakfast and also broadcast football games when playing champions or league, so for lovers sport should not miss the opportunity to go and have a good time with your coworkers or friends, it’s a super cozy cafe.
  • La Bodeguita has tapas meat with vegetables and its frighted fishes are awesome.
  • The Teruel bar which is renowned for having the best calamari with potatoes of the whole town.
  • The Marrakech bar which highlights the best pizzas.
  • The tapas bar the order which highlights the couch and snacks.
  • Guajareño Tavern has a large terrace and has thousands of tapas for everyone

Gastronomy in Chana

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • The pot san anton
  • Truffles
  • The Moraga of saridas
  • The homol eggs
  • Dressings with pepper
  • Beans with ham

Chana festivities

  • Festivity of the Apostle Santiago in July specifically 25 and 26 July
  • Holy Week
  • Carnivals
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