Town of Guadix in the province of Granada: A very cute and very rich culture that should not be missed by travellers. Guadix has a very interesting history and a continental climate so the weather is extreme with hot summers and cold winters. But no matter the season, it is well worth a visit.
I stayed in a hotel in Granada where I had great food. The service is excellent and very friendly, I would definitely recommend it to all people visiting Granada our the small towns near the city. The hotel is the Nest Style Granada located in the city center and newly renovated with a spectacular boutique and the latest technology, elegance and comfort.

Guadix sightseeing

  • St. Torcuato’s Gate
  • The Street Concepción with its spectacular houses
  • The City Park which is very beautiful and interesting to know
  • The cave museum is extraordinary should not be missed
  • The churches including: Santa Ana, San Antonio, Santo Domingo, the Ermita, The Churches of Nuestra Señora del Rosario and Fatima are a must, especially if you are Catholic, you will love them
  • The Tower of Ferro, part of the ancient Moorish wall
  • The Alcazaba, which was a beautiful old fortress

Gastronomy in Guadix

  • Potaje
  • Sausages and hams
  • almond soup
  • potatoes
  • peaches
  • Bacons sky
  • porridge
  • zalamandroña
  • pestiños
  • the ganchas

Guadix town celebration

  • Guadix Fair which takes place in August and September
  • The tourism fair held on September 9 Cascamorras called
  • The bosses San Torcuaco fair held on May 15
  • The Feast of San Migel September 29
  • The Santa ana party in July
  • Party: Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Fatima, St. BErbae, San Anton, Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • The classical music festival held in May Guadix is really spectacular must not miss it
  • Easter
  • Carnivals

not to miss any of these celebrations are really extraordinary in all very fun time to share with family and friends

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